Ahooga (e)Bike – Folding, Electric (Or Not), Ultra-Lightweight
Ahooga (e)Bike is the first folding-yet-comfortable, electric-yet-ultra-lightweight bike. For better cities, better lives. It brings to life an exclusive combination of features: ultra-lightweight, folding, electric, elegant, compact, stiff, speedy, stable, comfortable, highly customizable and easy to carry when folded. Connoisseurs know what we’re talking about.

Unlike most e-bikes, when the assistance is off, the Ahooga eBike remains a lightweight bicycle, easy and fun to ride. More, its design brings you a safe and fantastic riding experience.

The Ahooga eBike is a proven product and has already been delivered to hundreds of happy riders. It was designed with love in Brussels, and manufactured in Europe.

We’re Ahooga. We dissolve obstacles to Happy Cities.