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  • Art & Culture: Nebil

    Art & Culture: Nebil

    Nebil lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, is passionately in love with cycling and is presenting selected works at the Berliner Fahrradschau. Here, Nebil points to the cultural phenomenon of cycling, understands it as a form of social communication, and dissects the intensity and dynamic inside the peloton.

  • Classic Bicycle Market – Used Fun

    Classic Bicycle Market – Used Fun

    What do too much gin & tonic and techno-style bike shoes have to do with a passion for collecting? This year, for the third time, the Classic Bicycle Market takes place during Berlin Bicycle Week. The bicycle flea market promises to attract a big crowd at the site of the STATION with passionate collectors heading to Berlin from all over Europe. Behind this family gathering for enthusiasts are Lena and Dirk, aka Used Fun. Their motto: “Put used fun between your legs”. They assure us that you can experience some interesting things at flea markets…

  • Company portrait: Campagnolo

    Company portrait: Campagnolo

    Most movements or revolutions don’t start with a wildfire or massive public support and neither did Tullio Campagnolo’s quest to improve the cycling experience more than 80 years ago.

  • Art & Culture: Sebastian Zimmermann

    Art & Culture: Sebastian Zimmermann

    Sebastian Zimmermann was born 1985 in Berlin, the city that, to this day, is the center of his life and work. Today, the “3D digital figurative artist”, free figurative artist, and sculptor combines the knowledge and techniques of analog and digital worlds to realize his ideas, creating timeless works.

  • Art & Culture: Carlos Fernandez Laser

    Art & Culture: Carlos Fernandez Laser

    Carlos Fernandez Laser is a Hamburg based photographer who loves being on the road. His photographic roots lie in BMX riding and at the edge of the stage for punk bands. Today he travels internationally for advertising and fashion clients or is globe-trotting himself by bike through foreign lands.



    World class bike trials in the capital! The Berlin Trials Cup marks the start of competition for the 2017 UCI Trials Calendar. The only UCI Trials Indoor Event in Europe guarantees a fantastic atmosphere.

  • Art & Culture: Gianluca Gimini

    Art & Culture: Gianluca Gimini

    Although he studied architecture, Gianluca Gimini has meanwhile come to accept the professional title of designer, seeing as how, after all, he certainly worked long enough as one, including in places like Shanghai.

  • Art & Culture: Jofroi Amaral

    Art & Culture: Jofroi Amaral

    Jofroi Amaral experiments with a wide variety of materials. He questions painting and studies human actions. His interest lies in rituals and the development and structure of myths and pagan philosophies.

  • In Velo Veritas

    In Velo Veritas

    A cycling marathon always has something to do with racing? That’s not the case with „In Velo Veritas“, a bike tour that runs through the picturesque valley of the Weinviertel in Lower Austria, where pleasure comes first.

  • Cycling Unites Video Series #4

    Cycling Unites Video Series #4

    Our Cycling Unites video series enters round four: In this episode, event coordinator of the alternative racing series Rad Race, Ingo Engelhardt, meets photographer Carlos Fernandez Laser.