Berliner Fahrradschau


The idea behind the exciting urban bikes from VIKS was to build a bike in the style of a café-racer-motorcycle. Appropriately, VIKS was founded in a small café and in Estonian, means “gentlemanlike”. The stainless steel frame is 100% handmade in Estonia. The frame is formed by two parallel tube sets. This gives the construction its stability and its unique design that is characterized in particular by the elimination of the seat tube. An additional feature is the fork and handlebar construction that is perfectly integrated with the identical materials. Each bike is crafted according to the client’s wishes and is always a unique item. The further development of the classic VIKS, the VIKS GT will be introduced to a German audience for the first time during the Berliner Fahrradschau 2017. The frame is now even more sharply designed and deliberately resembles the form of a Lamborghini. It is the first VIKS to be produced 100% from aluminum. Thus, it weighs 40% less than the Classic. VIKS may be found at the Auftragsrad stand.