Berliner Fahrradschau

Clif Bar

A 300-kilometer bike tour, enough energy bars in the bag and still starving – Gary Erikson simply couldn’t choke down another one of those sticky, soft, unappetizing energy bars. It was like an “epiphany” and he became determined to produce the most delicious energy bar possible. After a two-year period of development, he officially founded the company CLIF Bar that he named after his father Clifford. Since then, good foods have been CLIF Bar’s passion, because good nutrition generates joy and energy. For this, CLIF Bar uses only high-quality ingredients and deliberately forgoes hydrogenated oils and glucose-fructose-syrup in its products. With bars, bloks and shots in a wide variety of flavors, there is nothing more to stand in your way when it’s time to “FEED YOUR ADVENTURE”! At the Berliner Fahrradschau, you’ll find us at Sport Import.