Berliner Fahrradschau


FAVORIT produces bicycles that are beautiful, reliable, maintenance-free, light and easy to handle. Bicycles that fill their owners with a pure pleasure of riding.

All four Favorit lifestyle models are hand made to measure for each and every owner, have one equipment standard that is technically excellent, and still have a single price.

Based on your preferred riding position or your riding style of the bicycle, you may pick the one of four models. Then choose a color and select modern electronic or classic mechanic gear shifting.

After entering your height, weight, arms’ and length, engineers at Favorit will define ideal carbon frame geometry of your new Favorit bike. Thus, you are hundred percent sure of getting Favorit that fits you perfectly.

And because your Favorit bicycle is made just for you, it will have name laser printed on the frame.

The “F” models continue in the legacy and heritage of successful race history of road, track and cyclo cross race bicycles. These exceptional machines were the winning formula for Czechoslovak riders on Olympic Games, World Championships and many World Tours for more than 40 years.