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Rotor Bikes

ROTOR BIKES – Established 1996 in Leipzig by bicycle enthusiasts and with close ties to the industrial culture.

The essential ideas that lead to the foundation of the ROTOR brand are still our fundamental driving force today. Where the bicycle industry develops new products for retailers, and is merely focused on yet another set of wheels for generalized customers, we see the wants and needs of the individual. A lack of standards, an industrial urge for uniqueness and an orientation towards trends, rather than innovation, leaves the individual customer with a lack of options and compatibility – this is where it gets challenging, this where our work starts, and, hence, where our work becomes important and interesting.

We are well aware that there is no end to the vast possibilities the beautifully simple and timeless construction of the bicycle offers for customization. New trends, from mechanics to electronics, and new developments, from logistics to ideal concepts, are constantly changing and recreating the market – and it is our task and our business to examine, improve, and implement these ideas where it is possible and useful. Don’t forget: Keep it rotating!!/RotorBikes