Berliner Fahrradschau


VELOCiPEDO. is an innovative German brand which makes limited urban bikes, road bikes and cyclocross bikes. The detailed composition of the VELOCiPEDO. bikes, meticulously carried out, has yet to find its equal!
The basis of all VELOCiPEDO. bikes are titanium and carbon framesets. The design and its realization is not limited to the frame alone but includes fork, stem and seatpost, sometimes even rims and the spacers on the steerer tube.
The highest quality demands form the standard of VELOCiPEDO. – regarding materials and manufacturing as well as conception and finish. All steps in the manufacturing process like welding, laminating, satining and polishing are undertaken by experienced craftsmen on the highest level and with much effort. The surface quality of the VElOCiPEDO. bikes sets new standards.

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