Berliner Fahrradschau


It is in the countryside of the island Gotland in Sweden that you will find “Skinnverksta´n”. And within it, Philip Willners, a tailor who for more than 30 years has been sewing custom-made leather clothing. He is also a keen cyclist and organizer of “Gotland360” — a popular September cycling tour around the island for those who love cycling, plenty of good food and the social atmosphere.

Last summer Philip was sitting in the workshop with a huge bunch of old road bike tires left over from previous tours. “What can I do with it instead of throwing them away?” he asked himself. After a while, he placed a piece of tire on top of his head and boom! It fit perfectly!! As Philip had sewn plenty of leather caps before he thought to himself, “Let’s give it a try and make a bike cap from leather and road tire.” And thus the “Däcksmäck” was born. Däcksmäck means in Swedish “Tire Cap.”

In the stand you can choose from many colors and different tires; they are all unique. And if we don´t have your size or style, you can order your very own personal Däcksmäck. And yes, you can bring your own tire — as long as it is well used!

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