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Creativity and Craftsmanship with Passion for Cycling

Brothers Luca and Silvio Potente founded the Italian label Cycled in 2014 after returning from an inspiring trip around the world by bike. Raised in an environment where up-cycling was part of everyday life, their idea for Cycled is the combination of cycling and recycling. At the moment they have been producing and selling truly original handcrafted belts of recycled racing tires, a league apart from anything that has come before.
Their idea is based on the wish to reuse a polluting bicycle part and breathe new life into it: the tire. „We receive them through personal exchange with many bike shops in Italy where we regularly collect them by bike“, Silvio explains. „From the pick up of the tires to the production of the belts, and through to the packaging made from recycled cardboard, we do everything at Cycled on our own.“
„We draw our creativity from our passion for cycling: Time goes slower. Energy is transformed by pedals through ecological and meditative movement. For us this means more valuable time for the street, nature, thoughts and ideas“, the brothers tell. „Producing the belts, through our hands we reawaken memories held within the tire, memories of unique moments in sports and life. In the manner of our persistent manual work, we are inspired by our grandparents, and are honored to carry on this tradition in a modern and relevant way.“