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Rohloff quality is synonymous throughout the bicycle industry for a unique perspective towards the final product. Here at Rohloff, it is the customer that remains the center of attention. We publish in-depth technical information on our products and production methods, enabling every current or potential Rohloff customer a view into the high level of quality control only available from Rohloff. And let us not forget, quality Rohloff products are ‚Made in Germany’ to the highest finishing standards.

The new electronic Rohloff E-14 shifting system raises the bar for shifting E-bikes transmissions. Never before has shifting been so easy, intelligent and comfortable. All this combined with legendary Rohloff quality. The new E-14 from Rohloff synchronizes perfectly with the mid-motor, Bosch eBike system to operate the now legendary Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. Urban, leisure, touring and mountain-bikers alike can reap the benefit of the unique, fast and failure-free shifter system.