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Coboc, a Heidelberg-based e-bike manufacture, stands for extraordinary design as well as outstanding solutions in e-bike technology. The company was founded in 2011, and since then quality, sustainability, and in-house production depth have been their guidelines. Most components, such as frame and drive system, are in-house developments, mostly manufactured in Germany in cooperation with local partners. The two managers, graduate physicists Pius Warken and David Horsch, have successfully combined their passion for bicycles with their academic know-how. Due to the entirely closed system with its specific power unit and to the special qualities of a single-speed bike, the Coboc is absolutely low-maintenance and comes with dynamic performance in city traffic. Passion for the product and love of detail are the reason why the Coboc-fleet is at present the most outstanding masterpiece available on the market: unprecedented because of its minimalism and technological maturity.