Berliner Fahrradschau

Focale 44

At the BFS Onegear Distribution presents the Andorran bike manufacturer Focale 44 and their flagship the 2017 „Loyal“ single-speed bike. Though the most exciting event will be the introduction of the 2017 „Mustang“ bike.
Handmade products are introduced from ZULU Straps. These one of a kind, environmentally friendly pedal straps are produced in the Ukraine.
Onegear Parts will display their new minimalistic brake lever with minimal branding.
For all of you whose bike is still blocking the hallway Top Cube will introduce a new way to stow away your bike frame.

Focale 44 loves bicycles. Some of the Focale 44 employees ride BMX, a couple MTB and others ride Roadbikes. But for the daily inner-city travels nobody wants to use their BMX, MTB or Roadbike. This is why Focale 44 was founded: To deliver bikes that outdare the city’s everyday madness.

The Andorran Brand Focale 44 stands since 2009 for long-lasting, high quality bikes with solid style. No wonder, that the first customers from way back then are still riding their bicycles like on the first day. The secret behind all this are very high standards in design, engineering and manufacturing.