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Baum Cycles

Baum Cycles is a bespoke cycling brand from Australia and represented in Europe by Bureau Fidder. Baum makes custom frames from steel and titanium. These frames does not only have your size based on a bike fitting but also the bike handling you desire including the right level between stiffness and comfort.

Next to that Baum Cycles is famous for their paint jobs, which are done by internal by Baum painters and controlled on the highest levels. You can select from various paint designs and a program of colors; in addition you can choose your own custom colors within the rules of the Baum identity.

The Ristretto is a high-end steel frame-set with stainless steel chain stay and ENVE fork. The tube set is selected based on your riding style with slim or oversized tubes. The frame-set is finished with painted ENVE or 3T components and a chris King head-set. Bureau Fidder will help you to select the right group-set and wheel-set to build your dream bike.

The Cubano and Corretto are the titanium frame-sets of Baum Cycles. Both frames are made with 9th grade triple butted tube sets. The tubes, which define the stiffness of your frame, are bi oval. Also these frames are delivered with painted ENVE or 3T parts and a Chris King headset.

The titanium frames can have a raw finish with sandblasted logos or painted as bands only, 3/4 or 7/8 of the frame. The paint schemes used are a strong identity and recognized by many fans from a long distance.

We have a strong program of exclusive components to choose from to make your dream bike for climbing, speed or endurance. All these types of riding have specific demands translated in the frame and components of your choose.

For Europe we are currently implementing an exclusive Baum Owners Club with special events and items to bring your Baum experience to the next level. Baum cycles also runs a professional 24h cycling team. This team has a European program of 24-hour races on circuits like BrandsHatch, LeMans, Monza, Nordschleife, Zandvoort and Zolder and can be followed by all owners.