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Three young designers reimagined the carrying accessories for bicycles, and they created their own unique crates under the name PaperSpokes. They replaced the ordinary baskets with stylish, weatherproof and variable bicycle crates.

There are two types available: the square-shaped and real new flat-packed XOXO crates and the rectangular Zigzag. The PaperSpokes crates are made of a special wood that is resistant to the effects of both the rain and the sun, so they can be used all year round.

With the specially made light-reflecting shock-cords you can fasten any object into the crates or even to the outside surface of them. The easily rearrangeable cords make them the ideal accessories to carry everyday items in all types of situations, for example if you’re coming from shopping, on your way to drink some coffee or in a hurry to work.

The products were designed meticulously, sparing no time. The process took almost a year, but after many prototypes and trial runs here are the beautiful and durable crates.

Check out PaperSpokes’ webpage now to get one of your own!