Berliner Fahrradschau


For the 5th consecutive year. One of the most iconic fixed gear races of all time.

The first race of the German Fixed Crit Series. RAD racing at it’s finest! Some of you know what we are talking about but for everyone else here is a short summary: A go-cart racing track in Berlin, 128 male competitors, 36 female riders, fixed-gear only – until only one is still standing!

None other but the LAST WO/MAN STANDING gives you a better idea of the initial philosophy behind RAD RACE. Just a bunch of bike addicts, going lap after lap – heated up by a screaming crowd – just for fun and some fixed gear fame.

As usual the spectacle will be concluded by our crazy after-race party. This one might get out of hand …!

Visit the RAD RACE Last Man Standing on Saturday from 5pm – 23.59pm and their After Show Party right after the award ceremony here:
Mobikart Fun Racing GmbH, Plauener Str. 161, 13053 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen.
RAD RACE will also have a booth at Berliner Fahrradschau to sell their own cycling apparel and they will have a professional tattoo artist to get some ink on BFS visitors…
Stop racism – Start raceism!