Berliner Fahrradschau

#handpickedbySoigneur Award

Handpicked by Soigneur at Berliner Fahrradschau

In recognition of excellence

During the Berliner Fahrradschau Soigneur Cycling Journal will handpick some of its favourite products, concepts, experiences and ideas on exhibit and bring them together for the world to see. Excelling in design, usability, innovation, integrity and durability, these items should be expanding, challenging and changing the horizons of the way we experience cycling.

Fahrradschau and Soigneur are teaming up to bring a year round podium to showcase Soigneurs favourites. The collaboration will span from the Wiener Fahrradschau to the Berliner Fahrradschau and gradually grow into a seal of quality and recognition of brands striving for excellence.



About Soigneur Cycling Journal

Soigneur was born in the Netherlands in 2012, when we set out to create an independent platform celebrating cycling culture. Since 2012 we have paid homage to the breadth of the sport, all over the world, both in writing and with photographs. Soigneur brings together some of the finest stories, reportages, and photo-essays from around the world, online and in print reaching over 1 million people monthly. You’ll find tales of the past and of the present, of pros and of amateurs, of local heroes and of faraway places. Tales of suffering and of bliss.


For the love of cycling.