Kimuracycle Works is a small and very personal bicycle workshop in
Berlin specializing in the design and realization of one-offs.
The focus is on:
Bespoke / made by mesure / custom made
-renewal / renovation
I am a friend of steel bicycles, from French and British bicycles between
the 30s and 70s, Japanese Randonneures and Italian road bikes. I was
an industrial designer in my previous life 😉 I am concentrating on my
favorite object, bicycle since years.
Design of mass products does not interest me so much today. It is more
exciting and challenging to design & build for a real existing person.
Here we can crystalize personal needs and desire into object bicycle.
Bespoke and custom-made design will be realized mostly by my trusty
frame builders in Japan, who have a lot of experience and are among
the best. In addition, I have good contacts with frame builders in Europe
with whom I can team up when needed.
My favorite frame builder, who often performs elaborate projects with
pleasure, is Fukuda-san of Raizin-Works. He has a lot of experience, is
technically very talented and likes challenging projects (his father as
grandfather were frame builders).
I also work together with LEVEL, famous for its track bikes.