Aarnobel is the collaboration between a Berlin and a Dortmund team that has turned the vision of a new bicycle designed in Germany into reality. The idea was born in 2013, with the wish for high-class workmanship and quality. During the last year and a half, several prototypes were developed, production processes optimized, and the saddles sat through on countless test rides. Especially innovative is the sophisticated manufacturing process. Designed in Berlin, each frame is lovingly handcrafted in a workshop in Dortmund. The motto: If you want something that doesn’t exist, make it yourself. AARNOBEL? AAR signifies the eagle in the fable. As the national symbol of the Federal Republic of Germany, it represents the place of our ideas, Berlin, and the production site, Dortmund. NOBEL refers to the royal lion from Goethe’s “Reineke Fuchs”. It stands for principles that are important to us, such as power, pride, strength, and elegance. A bicycle with royal attributes – to be found at the Auftragsrad stand.