Kids Trial Workshop

  • 4. March 2017 11:00
    5. March 2017 11:00
  • Station Berlin

Big things await the smallest cyclists at the Kinderkiez (kids area) of the Berliner Fahrradschau: At the KIDS TRIAL Workshops, the Jacks and Dannys of tomorrow get a whiff of trial sport under professional guidance. World champion Nina Reichenbach will personally make sure that talented newcomers find their balance and learn to move safely on a bike – with a normal bicycle too. Participation is of course free of charge, just like the children’s tickets for the BFS 2017.

Dates KIDS TRIAL @ Kinderkiez:
Saturday, March 4, 2017: 11am – 12:30pm with Nina Reichenbach and riders from MSC Potsdam
Sunday, March 4, 2017: 11:00am – 1pm with riders from MSC Potsdam