• 3. March 2017 19:00 - 20:00
  • Station Berlin

During this introduction, we will talk about the background of the organisers; where are they from, what have they been doing so far? We’ll give details on the content of the talks and workshops that will be held over the weekend and explain our reasons on picking these topics. There’s also time for you to ask any questions and speak with the organisers.

This weekend Ride with Wolves (UK), London Bike Kitchen – *Women and Gender-Variant Nights *WaG (UK), She 36 and All That I Want will organise a series of talks and workshops around women’s cycling. This strong collaboration is here to empower and bring the international cycling community closer. We want to start a conversation with all of you in an inclusive and informal way. We encourage anyone, no matter what background, gender or age to listen, participate and discuss.

Location: Bicycle Cinema