Fahrradsalon: Gianluca Gimini

  • 3. March 2017 18:00
    4. March 2017 10:00
    5. March 2017 10:00
  • Station Berlin

The bicycle long ago escaped its isolated existence as a piece of sports equipment or means of transportation. Today, by choice, it is an expression of a certain lifestyle, designer piece, status symbol, collector’s item or objet d’art. At the FAHRRADSALON, five international artists present their own personal interaction with cycling.

The Italian-American product designer Gianluca Gimini is showcasing his world famous Velocipedia. In his installations at the BFS, Belgian artist Jofroi Amaral elevates the bicycle to an object of art liberated from an operational purpose – with specially custom-made bicycles in vintage style. The pain and passion of professional racing bike athletes are united in the life-size sculpture of artist Sebastian Zimmermann. Hamburg photographer Carlos Fernandez Laser captured his grueling, wet, bike trip through Japan and presents it as THE JAPANESE ODYSSEY.
Having grown up in the inspiring tension between small town Southern Hesse and his Eritrean roots, Nebil works in Frankfurt am Main and is passionately addicted to bicycling. In selected works, he references the cultural phenomenon of bicycling, understands it as a form of social communication and dissects the intensity and dynamic inside the peloton.