• 4. March 2017 11:30 - 13:00
  • Station Berlin

Discussion: The Future is Female; growing potential of women’s cycling.
Speakers: Eva Mohr from All that I want, other speakers tbc.

A discussion around the theme of how women’s cycling is growing and the importance of it for the industry. We invited a few smaller brands and a few big shots to discuss how women’s cycling works in their businesses.
We talk about how women’s cycling has grown, what changed and how it’s being used in marketing campaigns and product development. We’ll also discuss the role of women’s only events and its participation.

This weekend Ride with Wolves (UK), London Bike Kitchen – *Women and Gender-Variant Nights *WaG (UK), She 36 and All That I Want will organise a series of talks and workshops around women’s cycling. This strong collaboration is here to empower and bring the international cycling community closer. We want to start a conversation with all of you in an inclusive and informal way. We encourage anyone, no matter what background, gender or age to listen, participate and discuss.

Location: Bicycle Cinema