BFS18 w/ The Future of Fixed Gear Crits

  • 23. March 2018 20:00 - 21:30

After the Hype – What’s the future of Fixed Gear Crits?

At least since The Red Hook Crit Series got introduced to Europe in 2010, the hype of the fast races on bikes “without brakes” also grew in Germany. The everday use of track bikes however was tested by couriers during the 90s on the streets of the metropols worldwide already. The simplicity inspired generations of young cyclists and that was when the track bike became status symbol for the hipster and fixie kids. Others got excited by the short and hard criterium races and brought the fixie from the street back to the track.

The 2018 season race calendar in packed with a fixed gear crit on almost every weekend from April till October.

But what’s coming after that?

What will be the next level of the Fixed Gear Evolution?

What are the Fixed Gear veterans up to?
What riding the bike messengers nowadays, do they even race?

And what are the plans of those whom made Fixed Gear Crits a thing in Germany?

We created an exciting panel of whom who must know.

  • Stefan Schot, 8bar bikes
  • Benedikt Herzberg, Standert bicycles
  • Filip Shleier, Suicycle Track Team
  • Johanna Jahnke, East London Fixed
  • Juliane Bötel, mess pack berlin
  • Ingo Engelhardt, Rad Race
  • Hagen Lindner, German Fixed Crit Series, presentation

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