campaWe are proud to announce that the Handmade area is powered this year by none other than the legendary Campagnolo. In this area you will find beautiful handmade bikes from renowned frame builders as well as talented, ambitious newcomers.  Whether randonneur, fatbike, road bike, or world circumnavigator, individual interpretations by the masters of frame building will celebrate the passion and joy of two-wheeled travel. A jury of experts will ride and judge the submitted entries for the Campagnolo “Best Campagnolo Build” Award, and fans of frame building will have a great time seeing the results.

“Best Campagnolo Build” at Berliner Fahrradschau 2016
(text courtesy of Campagnolo)

Campagnolo is happy to announce its tight collaboration with the Berliner Fahrradschau as the event centers around not so much the cycling industry as a whole, but rather a mindset that Campagnolo holds dear to its heart. Campagnolo shares a common thread with the growing number of artisan builders as it eschews current conventional business models in favor of maintaining an in house production policy, a reluctance to outsource, extreme attention to detail and a fanatical desire to control quality.

Operating in this manner has allowed Campagnolo to continuously innovate products that improve the cycling experience without losing its integrity, permitting it to produce componentry and wheels that “don’t wear out but rather wear in”, as the old adage states. Just as Tullio Campagnolo was moved by his profound passion for cycling in addition to his personal desire to create something not only functional but also beautiful, so do the numerous talented framebuilders who will grace the halls of the 2016 Berliner Fahrradschau.

Custom framebuilders and Campagnolo put forth a great effort to produce fantastic products, all under their own roof, that are elegant, durable and performance oriented enough to bear their respective brand names. Their respective labors to produce such components and frames ultimately come together to make a beautiful complete bike.

Taking into account this shared mission to improve the cycling experience one fantastic product at a time, Campagnolo would like to honor the framebuilding community not only through creating a dedicated stand at the Fahrradschau but also by launching the  Best Campagnolo Build contest within the show.  Participants can count on several benefits such as discounts for build kits and components for bikes entered into the competition as well as visibility on Campagnolo’s social media channels.

There will be several categories for winners, an overall winner to be determined via a panel of VIP judges as well as best Ti, Steel and Carbon Campagnolo builds to be determined via popular vote. Bikes will be displayed in your own booth but some, space permitting, will be displayed in the Campagnolo booth as well.

To take advantage of the discount for participating bike build kits, please contact us as quickly as possible so that we may be able to more efficiently serve you.  If you are already dealing directly with Campagnolo, please use the following code when ordering via B2B: 14004 (extra discount code)  If you are not currently a direct Campagnolo customer, please contact joshua.riddle@campagnolo.com in addition to dino.cento@campagnolo.com

To participate:
1.       Your bike must have both Campagnolo wheels and drivetrain.
2.       You must be an exhibitor at the Berliner Fahrradschau
3.       You must register your build with Campagnolo: first via email, then in person at the Campagnolo booth

To register please send an email to the following address: dimc@campagnolo.com