Art Galleries

Each year the Berliner Fahrradschau hosts a variety of exhibitions in a relaxed space at the center of the halls of Station-Berlin.  Here is a look at this years’ show.

Strava Art

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Calling all Cycling Artists!

Make the most of your winter training, get creative with your Strava profile and draw us a representation of your cycling home territory (all Berliners can share their personal interpretation of the Berlin Bear).

Once uploaded on Strava, send us the link to your activity along with a brief explanation on your ride. We will post it on our website and social networks and get the community to feed back.

The 5 activities with the most kudos and likes will get picked and we’ll curate the Strava Art Show. Your chance to get a spot on the center stage of this years Berliner Fahrradschau, where an exhibition of the hard-won work will be displayed.

Send your link here!

Pro Tipp: Every Strava Artists’ best friend is the Strava Route Builder. This tool makes it a whole lot easier to draw and be creative, so give it a try!

*Kudos go to David for a beautiful art piece

Hard Brakers Grand Tour 2015

1960km, 15 days 10 riders, 6 countries, 1 gear.

Stats like that are tough enough on a touring bike, on a fixie, almost inhuman. No comfort, no gear shifting, no freewheel. Each meter must be pedaled. Uphill and down.

After their Grand Tour 2014 from Lisbon to Marrakesh, which appeared on the Fahrradschau last year, the
Hard Brakers Crew from Hamburg this time head to the east. The goal: to explore this exciting part of the map of Europe and meet the locals  to race together and not let the fun come up short.

Said and done. Photographer Carlos Fernandez Laser ( has accompanied the entire route. All hardships, adventure, and emotion captured in pictures. So similar to the emotional states of all participants, the sine curve of the route resembled the many sided and unpredictable. From fine asphalt roads, to almost impassable mud, and everything in-between.

The exhibition relives this two-week adventure. Smell the sweat and feel the tension in the legs.

Action Sport – Photo Exhibition by & Arne Mill

Action shot photo series from national road classics to international track competitions.

MTB Classics

Historische Fahrräder Berlin

The motto of Berlin Historic Bicycles  – Collect and preserve historic bikes and evidence of cycling history.

By meet-ups, rides, and exhibitions the club members donate their time for the public to enjoy.