Yedoo Scooters

We’re Czechs. We like a good laugh and know how to fix anything. And that’s why the popularity of scootering has taken off here more than anywhere else in the world. A scooter racing league has organised competitions here since the 1960s. The very first European and world championships were held in Pilsen and Karlovy Vary, and we’ve even founded the International Scooter Association.
The Finns are probably more into competing and the Dutch have better terrain, but the great group of people around scootering is a Czech invention. We at Yedoo have been dedicated to scooters since 1998. We design all of our products ourselves and we ride them, too. A number of us have taken our love for scootering all the way to the top competitions. But the most important thing is still fun – enjoying ourselves together, no matter if we’re competitive racers or preschoolers, riding in the city or along the river, walking the dog or making our way to school.