What happens when an enthusiastic biker can’t stand the usual commercial botch-up and the waffle of high-tech, values and “higher, faster, further” any more and the fact that really well-working mudguards aren’t available in the shops?
He simply re-invents the ones from previous centuries and, through enthusiastic experimentation, manufactures them himself, gaining a lot of valuable experience along the way. The result is high quality and expertly crafted mudguards catering for all kinds of vehicles around the world.
Woodfernder products are hand-made, durable with perfect finish, exclusively made of precious hard wood from the local forestry. They are treated exclusively with harmless and environmentally safe varnish paints.
·       Woodfender – functional and beautiful – simply the best way to be mobile
·       Woodfender – catering for anything on wheels
·       Woodfender – the one and only real thing – often imitated never equalled –  since 1999
·       Woodfender – individually custom made mudguards for connoisseurs
Woodfender – 100 % sustainable – 100 % fine craftmanship – each piece an unique specimen – Guaranteed