TrueBike – the true 36-inch-wheel bespoke bicycle

We are true fans of cycling and we love big wheels. That’s why we built 36er bicycle on the very beginning. Once we considered our effort satisfactory we decided to bring it to other big-wheels fans. This is the story behind the TrueBike.
The brand TrueBike offers a smart wavy design of the frame and fork, both hand-made. Together with the huge wheels this bike of robust elegance really pleases eyes.
Moreover each customer can choose from three sizes of the frame and select the colour of the frame, the fork and the wheels as well as the equipment according to his preference.
The pros of the 36-inch wheels riding experience:
rolling over rocks, roots, curbs and stairs easily thanks to the big wheels;
higher speed reached with longer distance covered per pedal revolution and longer inertia of wheels;
higher air volume in tires makes the ride more comfortable;
better tractability due to lower body center of gravity relative to the wheel axle.

At the BFS we will show 3 sizes of TrueBike and offer one for testing so that everyone can have the opportunity to try it and experience it at first hand.