Steel Vintage Bikes

Passionate about the golden age of cycling Steel Vintage Bikes brings back to life dream bicycles, which are the spirit of a bygone era when honest craftsmanship was in demand and handmade frames were not artisanal but the standard.
Colnago, Bianchi, Gios Torino and Campagnolo. Not simple brands, but monuments of cycling’s history which evoke heritage, passion and craftsmanship.
Since 2012 Steel Vintage Bikes has sourced and distributed worldwide the most exquisite racing bicycles from 1930s to 1990s, true milestones in cycling’s golden era.
A collection of more than 200 bicycles is available for purchase in the online shop, as well as in the newly opened cycle café in Berlin-Mitte.
Highlight of the 2017 Berliner Fahrradschau will also be the new bicycle brand ETRE: rigorously and simply made of steel.