Created for people who usually don’t wear Bike Helmets for wellknown reasons. Mask Maker Mirco Erbe tried to find a smaller, more elegant and customizable alternative to usual Helmets. The result is FixedHeadGear. FixedHeadGear is 100% handmade an therefore fully customizable in case of Material (Fibreglas,Carbon or Kevlar) Color and Design to the customers preferences.

FixedHeadGear is not a Bike Helmet (not DIN EN 1078 certified und not tested). So for everyone who dares to make own decisions about their safety! Whatsoever, it is in our deepest believe FixedHeadGear is BETTER THAN NOTHING at all!

At the BFS we try to find out, if this concept will find any needs or enthusiasm, so we remain curious and in anticipation for your visit on our little booth at the handmade area.