In Bicla we make products for the everyday adventurer, those ones who enjoy ride the city.
We are a brand biker life style. That means that our clients love cycling, and we love it too. We design durable, versatile and timeless products. Our simple and sober bags are made of materials and components that last over time.
We love outdoors in all its forms: mountains, forests, rivers and seas. That’s why we bring concepts from outdoor to town. Thus, even urban has its own charm for the everyday adventurer. Any city could be different with just some rides and our bags will share those moments with you. As we are based in the Aconcagua Valley, Chile, the heart of the Andes, the mountains are our testing field, subjecting our bags to sun, rain and snow, which test each of our designs for reliability and resistance.
We are constantly getting feedback from our clients, that’s why our products are in a process of continuous improvement. Designed in the mountains for the city life.